Seek the Kingdom of God

Luke 12:31, “ But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you.”

There are so many paths that someone can follow.  We complete school so that we can get a good job.  We get a good job so we can make great money.  We make great money so that we can pay bills and have other things.  But there is so much more for this life.  Instead of seeking all those other things, seek the kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God should be first in each and every person’s life.  There is nothing more important.  The kingdom of God needs to expand and that can only happen when people are willing to put God first.  There is nothing greater than God.  God’s love.  God’s grace.  Just us and God together.

It should be noted that we do not have to have the things that we want.  God provides for our needs and He will not let us down.  God makes sure that we are cared for because we are His creation.  We do not have to worry because God is always near.  Sometimes we can get upset because we do not understand.  We can ask God for answers.  God answers us in His timing, though.

We tend to run from everything in the world.  Run from our worries.  Run from our fears.  Run from our responsibilities.  The problem is, we forget to run to God.  God is always there for us and we forget about Him.  Forget to pray.  Forget to talk.  Forget to worship.  We need to come back to seeking God with everything that we have.  We need to get back to spending more time with God.  Giving all to God.

Let us set aside the politics.  Let us set aside the judgements of one another.  Let us focus on what is important.  God.  God is all that is important in this world.  Seek God and God will bless us, not because we are deserving, but because He cares.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the time that You allow us to have.  With all the time that we have left on Earth, help us to use it to Your honor and Your glory.  We cannot do anything without You.  We cannot be anything without You.  You are our everything, Father.  Help us to be more like You and less like the world.  We need to show love and You are love.  Help us to seek You first.  Seek You with all of our being.  Seek and never stop seeking.

In Your name we pray,



City with Broken Walls

Proverbs 25:28, “Whoever has no rule over his own spirit Is like a city broken down, without walls.”

In medieval times, empires and cities were known for having their large castles.  These structures were massive and meant to ensue fear in the hearts of those that dared to attack them. These buildings could be easily defended and placed on large hills to wear out the offensive.  As weapons changed, castle walls could be taken down easier.  When sins like lying and stealing come in, you become like a city with broken walls.

We must have rule over our own spirit.  We need to learn to control ourselves, both in body and in mind.  Sin creeps in and can cloud the spirit.  It can overtake someone and before they know it, they are darkened.  Sin lays siege to soul.  When we control our spirit, we actually take less control and give the control to God.  In order to live a life according to God, we need to give all of us over to God.

No rules means city broken down without walls.  Without God in your life, sin can come and go as it pleases.  With God, sin’s effects are negated.  Sin no longer has a hold on your life.  A prayer that can be prayed is to have sin not allowed to take root.  Sin will still happen as we are all sinful.  With God’s help, though, we can avoid sinning as much as possible.

Control is, and can be, a difficult concept.  It is difficult to always live for God and not for the world.  Living for God is not always accepted by our family or friends but living for God is a personal choice.  Walls need to be put up to keep the world out.  The things of the world must stay out and the things of God should be let in.  A city with broken walls cannot keep out the bad and lets the good out.  Have God help put those walls up for you today.

Heavenly Father,

We know that sin is a problem and only You can take away our sin.  Thank You for sending Your Son to die on the cross for our sins.  The effects of sin no longer cause death because of Your Son, Jesus.  Help us to keep the bad of this world out and invite You in more and more each day.  Protect us and watch over us.

In Your name we pray,


The Coming of the Lord

James 5:7, “Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain.”

Since the time of Jesus’ ascension into Heaven, people have been waiting for the time when Jesus would again come to Earth.  People have been looking to the Heavens, eager for the return of the Lord.  We should all be prepared for the coming of the Lord.

Be patient.  Patience is a lesson that can be one of the hardest that needs to be learned.  Few people want to be patient and wait for anything.  This world is very instantaneous, with its fast food, fast internet speeds, and fast vehicles.  No one wants to be patient anymore.  It is no surprise then that no one wants to be patient and wait for Jesus to return.

The coming of the Lord could be at any time so patience is of the utmost importance.  We need to wait on the plan of God.  God will send His Son back when the time is right.  It is all about God and His timing.

The analogy is set in place to compare the coming of the Lord to the farmer.  The farmer has to wait in all seasons.  Once planting happens, there is a process of waiting for the crop to mature.  In that time can be lots of rain or no rain.  There can be high winds, strong storms, and good weather.  Early rains are needed to soften the ground to plant.  Latter rains are needed to make the crops grow.  Rains do not always happen on time.  A farmer must be patient just like being patient for Jesus’ return.

We do not know when Jesus will return.  It might be tomorrow and it might be 30 years from now.  The key is to live each day like Jesus is coming back that minute.  Jesus will come back because He said He would and He cannot lie.  Let us all take a step back from the speculation and wait on the coming of the Lord, whenever that is.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your Son, who lived and died and ascended to Heaven.  We wait for Him to return and we can all go to Heaven to be with You.  We do not know Your plans but that is fine.  Your plans are far larger than we are.  Help us to trust in You and wait on You for all that we need.  Help us with patience so that we can wait on anything.  This life can be tough but You will see us through, Lord.

It is in Your name we pray,



Yesterday, Today, and Forever

Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Many things in this world change.  Stoplights change from red to green, yellow to red and even red to green arrow.  Seasons change from summer to fall to winter to spring.  Weather conditions change from sunny to stormy to clear to foggy.  One thing that never changes is Jesus.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Jesus is the same yesterday.  Yesterday can refer to the day before today or a time before.  Jesus was perfect in all of His life on Earth and even before He came to Earth.  Jesus was always love and caring for those that need Him most.  Jesus came to the Earth to be an example to the world and ultimately, die on the cross for the sins of all.  Jesus ascended to Heaven after His death.  He did so because His time on Earth was done.  He had completed all that He set out to do.  Jesus never sinned or showed any sign of doing so.

Jesus is the same today.  Today, Jesus is in Heaven, waiting for the time to come back to this Earth to take His people home.  Jesus is still perfect and is still following the plan of His Father.  He has not stopped loving us or caring for us.  After He left the Earth, He sent the Holy Spirit to us.  This is God in spirit form, sent to help us through this life.  He is also perfect, as God the Father is perfect, and will never guide us to a path of sin.

Jesus is the same forever.  For as long as the Earth will exist, Jesus will be the same even after it ceases to exist.  He will continue to be perfect.  Jesus stays consistent so that we can count on Him alone.  There is little if anything that stays consistent in this world.  Very few absolutes.  Jesus is the True Absolute.  He is the same as far back as can be imagined and will be the same into the future as far as can be imagined.  Jesus does not deviate even a little from the plan of God the Father, because they are One.  The Triune God is One, perfect and the same forevermore.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for all that You do for us.  You are perfect and we are nowhere near perfect.  So awesome it is that You sent Your perfect Son to die for our imperfections.  We constantly change and You never do.  Thank You for loving us, despite all that we do wrong.  You stay consistent so that we can rely on You for all that we need.  We have You and when we have You, we have everything.

In Your name we pray,


Entertainment of Others

Hebrews 13:2, “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.”

Everyone loves a good party.  There are parties that are centered around sporting events, graduations, and marriages.  There are even parties that are centered around someone’s salvation and baptism.  Parties are a fun time to spend with others and forget about other events that are happening.  We should be involved in the entertainment of others.

God wants us to entertain strangers.  Since strangers are people that we do not know, we should invite them in so that they are no longer strangers.  We should want to make them friends.  Our homes are not our own, after all.  God gives us everything that we have so we should be willing to use our resources for others.  We should also invite our people to learn where their souls are at.  This can be an excellent opportunity to share the gift of salvation with others.

One way to entertain others is to hold a Bible study in your home.  This is an opportunity to turn a home into a house of God.  People can gather together and learn more about God outside of the church building.  Time can be spent in prayer to lift each other up and reading the Bible to educate everyone.

Another way to entertain others is to host an event at your home.  This could be a barbecue in the backyard, a cook-off, or cake and coffee with your neighbors.  We should not be shut-ins, closed off from the world.  We need to be willing to open up and share what we have.  People are a social creature and need others to thrive.  When we try to go it alone, we tend to be lacking and often sad or depressed.

Angels do walk among us.  I am thoroughly convinced of this.  Angels do not have to have wings or look like angels that we have made into figurines.  They can look like us.  So in showing kindness, we could be partying with angels.  We could be talking with angels.  That homeless man who you pass could be an angel in disguise.  The person you work next to could be an angel.  Angels can blend in and not be noticed.  We need to take care to be kind to everyone, not just because they may be an angel of God, but because that is the right thing to do.

Entertaining, done the correct way, gives honor to God.  Entertaining can make God happy.  Let us take part in caring for others just as we would want others to care for us.  In do this, we show the love of God and make the world a brighter, happier place.  Let us honor God today with our giving to others and being kind to others.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You that You are gracious with us.  You give us so much and we do not have need of anything.  Help us to share what we have with others.  Help us to use our gifts that we are given to help out others.  All that we have is Yours.  Let Your love flow through us and make Your world a better place.  We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of salvation but sadly, not everyone will.  Help us to minister to others so that they may come to know You better.

In Your name we pray,


Guard Thy Mouth

Proverbs 21:23, “Whoever guards his mouth and tongue Keeps his soul from troubles.”

Some of the most hurtful things that can happen come from the mouth.  Harsh words that tear down instead of build up.  Lies that make someone look bad or get someone in trouble.  The mouth and tongue are a unit that can do more harm than good in some cases.  That is why it is important to guard thy mouth.

Like a gatekeeper that allows in only people who are trusted, the mouth should be that gatekeeper.  The mouth should not open if bad is going to come out.  The tongue should not move if evil is about to be spewed.  This is dependent on the conviction from the Holy Spirit in the life of the person.  There is also sinful nature, which turns off the mind for a second and bad things come out.  The truth is, we can say some things that are wrong or hurtful.  The key is to watch what we say.

Part of what comes out of the mouth is what comes from what the mind hears.  If there is bad that is heard, it will be repeated.  History repeats itself, shown in the amount of wars and battles fought.  What is heard is repeated.  We need to take care as to what is allowed in the mind.  Reading the Bible is one way to have good going into the mind.  Prayer is another way that our minds can be shielded from the evil.

Our souls are important, much more important than our physical bodies.  Our physical bodies will die and be put in the ground, but our souls will go on.  We do not want to blacken our souls with what we say or think.  We need to be careful with what goes into the mouth and out of the mouth.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts and words.  Help our mouths to say things that are only uplifting to others.  We are given souls by You and we should take care of them.  You are our God and we are Your people.  Until we can be with You in Heaven, we need to live for You.

In Your name we pray,


More Than Sparrows

Matthew 10:31, “Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”

One of the most common birds in all of North America is the sparrow.  They seem to be everywhere and it is hard to travel too far without seeing dozens if not hundreds of them.  They make tons of babies, many do not make it past a few days old.  Yet, God knows every single sparrow.  We are more than sparrows to God.

We have nothing to fear in this world.  God is there for us, no matter what.  Fear does not always mean afraid but also reverence.  The only thing that should be revered in this world is God.  God is bigger than anything in the world.  So many people have very irrational fears, fears of items that do not exist.  God is still there for us no matter what.  Our lives are made better because God is in the world.

We are more valuable than a sparrow.  God knows each and every person, animal and plant.  He knows about them because He created them.  Not one dies that God does not know about.  He knows because He cares.  God made each person unique for a reason.  Each person has specific gifts that they are given.  Specific tasks that complete easier than others.  For example, not everyone is a leader.  Those that are leaders need to lead because a follower is not equipped as well as a born-leader.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for all of Your love for us.  We are not deserving of it and yet, You shower us with love every day.  You love Your creation but we, as humankind, hold a special place in Your heart.  We are more special than birds.  We are special because we have You in us.  We have nothing to fear because we have You.

In Your name we pray,


Serve Two Masters

Matthew 6:24, “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”

There is a choice for each and every person on this world.  There is God, who is the Creator of the world and everything in it.  Then there is the world itself.  That can be homes, cars, technology, or riches.  Whatever it is runs contrary to God if that is the sole focus.  We cannot serve two masters.

No one can serve two masters.  When in service, there is two ways to be.  There is in obedience with or enslaved to.  Since God sent His Son to die for our sins, we are free.  Free from sin, not free to sin as much as we want.  There is only obedience for those that choose God.  Obey what the Bible says and what God says.  The world cannot save us from our sins so this make us enslaved to the world if we choose it.  Think about what happens when you put too much into an item.  It breaks, crashes, destroys or falls apart.  It does not last.  Money disappears, vehicles break down, homes fall into disrepair,  and technology will fail us.  Only God is perfect and will never let us down.

Hate the one and love the other.  It is said that God is jealous.  He is not sinful in this but He does not want His creation, the people who He loves, to go after other things.  Seems easy to understand until you look at your day.  So much time spent on our phones instead of praying to God.  So much time at work instead of working on our relationship with God.  So little time reading the Bible and more time reading the news.  Work, phones, and the news will not save us.  This will all pass away when Jesus returns.  We need to make sure to love God and hate items.  Does that mean we cannot have things like phones or not go to work or pay attention to the news?  No, but this should not be our main focus.  God should be our main focus.

Loyalty or Despising.  God wants us His creation to be loyal so it stands to reason that if we are not loyal, we are despising Him.  We may not be meaning to but our actions speak to our character.  Reading the Bible every day is showing that we are loyal to God.  Praying shows that we are loyal to God.  Spreading the gospel shows that we are loyal to God.  We despise God when we ignore Him.  God is not a convenience factor, just need to check in weekly with Him.  We need to be in contact with Him daily, even hourly.

Serving riches becomes an unhealthy addiction.  Always trying to get more and more ultimately makes us spiritually bankrupt.  We need to make sure to fill our “spiritual bank account.”  We fill it through worship to God, prayer to God and a right relationship with God.  Examine yourself today.  How big is your bank account?  Make sure the correct one is getting filled today.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the lesson that is provided here.  You are the only master for us.  Help us to deny the things of this world in favor of loving and being with You.  It is so distracting in this world and we get off-track.  Bring us back to You.  Show us the way if we get off-path.  You are our God and we are Your people.

In Your name we pray,


No Other Foundation Than Jesus

1 Corinthians 3:11, “For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

When building a house, there are steps that have to be done before it can be built.  There needs to be ground work laid in order for the house to stand.  The ground needs to be prepped or it will give way and the house will come down.  The ground needs work so that the foundation can be laid.  In our lives, we need groundwork, too.  If we want our lives to be successful, we can have no other foundation than Jesus.

When God made the world, part of what He made was the ground.  He made it the way He did so that it could support all the weight and all the items that are on it.  God knew what was required to make the Earth sustain life.  This is the foundation that is necessary.

When Jesus came to Earth, He came as a  baby.  A perfect baby.  He led a life that was perfect.  He gave the perfect example of how to live for each and every person.  He laid the perfect foundation for life.  Even in death, Jesus showed the perfect example of what love is and that love is a crucial ingredient of a perfect foundation.

Many people try to build their own foundations.  They try to fill in blanks that only God can fill.  They try to live a life that has nothing to do with God.  The problem is that without God, the foundation crumbles.  The cement that holds the foundation together is God.  Jesus is the cornerstone and that if removed, everything comes down.  Without Jesus, there is no salvation.  No escape from sin.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for all that You do for us every day.  You provide us most importantly with salvation, for which we are not worthy of.  You love us even though we are not deserving of love.  You do not need us but You do everything for us.  Help us to love others as You love us.  Help us to rely on You alone and Your Son as our firm foundation.

In Your name we pray,


The Whole World’s Sway

1 John 5:19, “We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.”

The Earth is filled with water and dirt.  Everything that we see all around is made by God.  That even includes humans.  In that, we are exposed to two entities: God and Satan.  Satan has his presence known in the world and the whole world’s sway is in his direction.

This is not the end of the story.  Even though everyone starts out in sin and following the world, there is hope.   There is a solution to the sin.  We need a reminder that we are not of this world but we are of God.  God sent His Son to die on the cross for the sins of the whole world, not only part of the world.  If Satan can help it though, no one would ever come to a saving knowledge in Jesus.

Everyone starts out as God’s.  We know this because God knows us before we are born.  After birth, we decide to sin and fall away from God.  It is why we need God in our lives so that we can come back to Him.  God is all-powerful and all-knowing but He will not come in to someone who does not want Him in there.  That is why this has to be a decision on the part of each and every person.

The whole world needs help.  That is where the Church comes in.  We need to be the example to show what Christ can do.  No one is perfect so even as Christ followers, we need to be careful not to be too judging of others and their sins.  We all have sins and no sin is worse than another.  It is all separation from God.  We need to help those that do not have a saving knowledge of Jesus.  It is time to change the sway of the world.

Heavenly Father,

I ask that you show me and others like me people who are in need of salvation.  No one should live a life without Your Son.  You are our strength.  You help us through all of life’s problems.  As we continue to avoid the world’s sway, watch over and protect us from the evil one.

In Your name we pray,