Beware of Deceivers

2 John 7, “For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”

There are those that are preach the Word of God.  They believe in God and share about what actually comes from the Bible.  There are also that do not believe in God.  They choose to avoid talking about God.  Worse yet are those that preach the Word of God but do not have all the facts or tell the Bible in context.  These people are deceivers and should be warned against.

Many deceivers.  There are many people who preach the Word of God today.  Not everyone who does is truly following God.  Some people decide to twist verses to what they want them to say or how they want to craft their message.  This is deceptive and is not honoring to God.  God’s word does not need to be changed.  It does not need to be added to or taken away.  The Word should be kept in context.

Have gone out into the world.  These deceivers are not just in one country or one city.  They are around the world.  They have a calling just like other preachers.  Their calling is not from God, though.  Their calling supports the devil.  The devil does not mind if people learn about God as long as they do not come to a saving faith in God.  Deceiving preachers teach enough of the Bible to be believable but not enough to be accurate.

Do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh.  There are so many who deny that Jesus came to Earth.  This is important because without Jesus coming to Earth, there is no salvation.  Without salvation, there is no hope for mankind.  This is what the devil wants.  No salvation so all would go to Hell.  Some others will say that Jesus came to Earth but that He is not God.  This limits what Jesus is and affects the salvation message.  Still others say He was a teacher and prophet but nothing more.  This takes away the fact that Jesus came and died on the cross for all our sins.

Deceiver and antichrist.  Those who oppose Jesus the Christ are an antichrist.  They oppose what Jesus came to Earth to do and try to detract from the Word.  They may not even realize they are doing it.  This is how dangerous deception can be.  Care must be taken in order to present a message that is according to God and not against Him.  We must take care to quote Scripture correctly and avoid being a deceiver.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You that You give us the Word of God to read.  We can read it and consult it to make sure that what we are saying is true.  You are there for us and we should tell others about You.  We need to be correct in how we teach about You.  Help us not to deceive others with our speech or actions.  Help us to be more like You.

In Your name we pray,



Author: workhorseforchrist

I am a workhorse for Christ. That means that as long as I have breath, I will proclaim God's message. Every day, I will show that message to the world. My prayer is this blog will reach the world and enrich daily.

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