1 John 1:6, “If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.”

To fellowship.  To have communion with God.  God does not live in the darkness so in order to be with God, we cannot be.  That is the rule.  We cannot have fellowship with God from the darkness.

Fellowship.  What is that?  It is coming together.  It is spending time with one another.  When we spend time with God, we are having fellowship with God.  It could be in prayer.  It could be in song.  It could be in simply talking to God.  Fellowship comes in many forms.  Fellowship does not have to be formal.  It does not have to have anything special tied to it.  It is simply spending time.  Time well spent with the Lord.

The darkness.  God is not a part of darkness because darkness means sin.  God and sin do not mix.  When we walk in darkness, we walk contrary to God.  When we walk contrary to God, we are not pleasing God.  We do not want to live to not please God.  God is worthy of praise and pleasing.  It is God that does everything for us.  We owe it all to God.

Walking in darkness and saying fellowship in God is a lie.  Lying is sin.  Sin is contrary to God.  God does not want us to lie.  This goes against the nature of God.  God wants us to be the truth because God is truth.  God does not lie.  He cannot lie.  He cannot walk in darkness like we can.  We do because of free will.

Not practicing truth is also sin.  Making a habit of untruth is also lying.  We can lie to everyone but we cannot fool God.  He knows what we are going to say before we say it.  He knows what we will think before we think it.  God knows us.  He created us.

God wants us to fellowship with Him.  He created us in His image.  He also wants us to fellowship with each other.  Spend time together.  This means more than just living together.  This means doing things together.  Doing everything we can to live peaceably with each other.  God deserves all we can give.  Let us give Him the fellowship He deserves.  No lying.  Only truth.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the example of fellowship.  Jesus knew how to fellowship with others and taught us how to do this as well.  Everyone is our neighbor so we should fellowship with everyone, especially You, Lord.  Thank You for the lives we have.  We owe everything that we have to You.  You are our God and we are Your people.  Help us to never forget that and never forget You.

In Your name we pray,