Give As It Pleases The Lord

2 Corinthians 9:7, “So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.”

Giving.  Not something that is done lightly or flippantly.  There must be thought given to giving.  The giving that is done brings great joy to God so do it with that in mind.  Please the Lord with your giving.

Giving should never be forced.  A forced giver is not a joyful giver and God does not want a giver that is not joyful.  Giving should be done from the heart and lots of thought needs to be given.  Giving is all about communication between yourself and God.

When push comes to shove, all things are God’s.  Anything that we have is not really ours.  God merely loans it to us to use while we are on Earth and then when we die, it goes to someone else.  So when we are giving, especially to God, we are merely giving back to God what is God’s.

There is another word for giving called tithing.  Tithe comes from the word tenth.  This has come to be known as how much to give to God.  This is not its intention though.  A tithe should be what you and God are comfortable with.  It may be 5% one month and 15% the next month.  God does not need our money since it is all His anyways.

There is so much about comfort in giving.  I am here to say that this is not true giving.  True giving hurts.  True giving steps out in faith and relies on God to take care of us.  When giving, we should take care of our local church first.  We should then take care of others next, and then we should take care of ourselves.  So many times that I have kept to myself and not allowed a blessing to come.  When I opened my wallet up in faith, I have found that I have been blessed far more than I ever thought I would be.

When we step out in faith, things happen.  God happens.  God gives a promotion, a pay raise, a new job, a bank error in your favor.  Bills get paid mysteriously so that more giving can be done.  I have seen this more times than I can count.  It has happened in my life as well.  This was when I made sure that my church was given to, I was giving to others I saw with needs, and I was not worrying about anything else.  My bills got paid, I had money in the bank, and more to spare.

Now I am not saying that you should give all your money away and then call to God.  Through prayer, God will tell you how much to give.  God will tell you what to do.  Only give what God wants you to.  The Spirit will poke at you and tell you when to give as He does to me.  The man on the side of the road, the woman in the grocery store, the organization that is helping others.  God will let you know whom to give to.

Giving is such a touchy subject.  What I have said are suggestions.  I am by no means telling you that you have to give or not give.  This is to be left up to you and God.  The one thing that I leave you about giving is to do is cheerfully.  Not dragging your feet or grumbling or forced.  Give with a smile on your face.  Give with a smile on your soul.  Your giving can change the world one person or organization at a time.  Consider giving today but first, talk to God  He is waiting for another cheerful giver.

Heavenly Father,

Let us come to You with our gifts.  They may be big; they may be small.  The fact is that You are not concerned with the size of the gift; You are concerned about the giver.  Thank You that You love us so much that You bless us with more than we need.  You do so so that we can bless others.  Everyone is our neighbor and You instruct us to love our neighbors.  In love we can give.  Help us to give to others with a happy cheerful heart.  You give so that we can give.  Thank You.

In Your name we pray,



Author: workhorseforchrist

I am a workhorse for Christ. That means that as long as I have breath, I will proclaim God's message. Every day, I will show that message to the world. My prayer is this blog will reach the world and enrich daily.

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