One Day at a Time

Proverbs 27:1, “Do not boast about tomorrow, For you do not know what a day may bring forth.”

We only have the moment that we are in.  Once a moment has passed, it is gone.  If God wanted, future moments will not happen.  We need to live in the moment that we are in as it is all that we are guaranteed.  Live one day at a time, leaving tomorrow for God.

So many people spend their time planning, organizing, and prepping for times to come.  All of this and yet, there is no guarantee that we will ever see tomorrow.  Accidents happen, plans change, life can crumble in an instant.  Even the best laid plans can disappear in the plan of God.

God’s plan rules over all and absorbs all other plans.  Even when we make a plan, God is still in control over that plan.  He knows what will happen before it happens.  He did create us, after all.  He created everything and knows everything.  He gives us the moments that we have.  Our lives are pre-written.  God knows exactly when each person will die.  For this, we should make use of the time that God blesses us with as we don’t know when we will die.

We need to tend our marriages, friendships and acquaintances.  We need to leave everything as best as we can.  We may not be able to come back and make things right.  When we go to bed at night, it might be our last night alive.  When we go to work, we may get in an accident and never make it to work.  This is not to be depressing.  This is to be truthful.  Make sure to show your wife or husband how much you love them.  Love on your children.  Love on your friends and acquaintances.  It may be the last time you see them.

One day at a time.  That is the life we should live.  If you spend too much time planning the future, you miss out on the present.  It is ok to make plans but do not get too set in them.  They are subject to change according to God’s will.  God has a plan for each day.  We may agree or disagree but that does not change what happens.  One day comes and one day goes.  On to the next day, God is leading the way.  Let us follow God and follow His plan.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the day that we are given.  You do not promise us the future.  You give us the present.  Let us not waste the time that You bless us with.  You are in control.  Let us release the little control we think we have and let You control our plans.  You know all and know what a day will offer.  Let us trust that You know what You are doing.  Bless all our time that we have and help us to be open to all that You are.  You are God and we are Your people.  We are not in control; You are.  Let us live life for You always.

In Your name we pray,



Author: workhorseforchrist

I am a workhorse for Christ. That means that as long as I have breath, I will proclaim God's message. Every day, I will show that message to the world. My prayer is this blog will reach the world and enrich daily.

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