Romans 14:11-12, “For it is written: ‘As I live, says the LordEvery knee shall bow to Me, And every tongue shall confess to God.’  So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.”

A time is coming.  A time is coming that comes for each and every individual that lives on the Earth.  That time is the time when we die.  When we die, we must answer for each and every thing that we have done.  When we come before God, we will not help but bow our knees in awe and respect.  We will confess with our tongues what we have done.

What we do and say is recorded.  Not like the NSA where a portion of what we say or do is recorded.  This is a complete recording from birth to death.  Every action, every move, every word, and every thought.  It is will be analyzed.  Sins will be shown.  Every time that love is not shown, every time that we are not kind, every time that we lie or cheat or steal.  When we die, we will not be able to avoid this.

There is hope amidst all of this.  A life lived with Jesus takes all those sins that we commit and erases them.  We will still answer for them and yet, God takes us in.  He welcomes us into Heaven.  There will be those who do not know Jesus.  Know Him as on an intimate, knowledge.  Know as in have Him in your heart as your Lord and Savior.  Lord of your life and Savior of your soul.  Those who do not know Him will not be welcome in.  There is another place for them.

Many ask, “How can God send people to Hell?”  I answer that, ” God does not send people to Hell; people send people to Hell.”  God offered His Son to us as a gift to save us from our sin.  Whether we choose to accept this gift determines our final destination.  We choose Heaven or Hell.  We choose God or Satan.  God will not force us to love Him and follow HIm.  We have free will.  We are not robots that are commanded.

Heaven is real.  Hell is real.  The choice is there.  When your knees are bowed and your life is before the Almighty creator, where will you be?  Are you for God or against Him?  Do you know Him or just know “of Him?”  Knowing of Him without knowing Him will not be enough.  Your soul is so precious that why would you chance your life.  Why not live a life that is for God so that you can be with Him forever.  Be with the one who made you.  Bow your knees and confess your love to God today before it is too late.  God welcomes each and every person to Himself that decide to leave their old life and come into a new one.  Make you choice.  I know mine and my family’s.  We choose the Lord.

If you do not know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, please pray this prayer.

“Heavenly Father,

I know that I am a sinful person.  I know that only You can save me from my sin.  I humbly ask that You forgive me for all that I have done that was wrong.  I ask that You come into my heart and change me as only You can.  You died so that I may live.  You died so that all my sin would be taken away.  I thank You for all that You have done.

In Your name I pray,


** If you prayed this prayer for the first time, tell someone.  You can even comment to me.  I would be happy to talk to you and pray for you.  All of Heaven rejoices every time someone is saved from their sin. **